We Have To Start Building Relationships With Other Women

It is important to nurture friendships with other Christian women. This bond enhances our spiritual side and builds on our faith. Sharing our faith, fears and doubts with friends helps us strengthen our relationship with God. Women need women for heart to heart talks, emotional support, strength and encouragement. Now, more than ever, godly women should be reaching out, stepping out, and speaking out. In today’s world we’re being confronted with challenges never before faced by any generation. Dramatic social changes have contributed to unrest, dissatisfaction, and confusion. As women of God, our self-esteem lies in the immense value God, our Creator, has placed upon and within us. Our Creator has not only given us a priceless position in His creation, He has also provided us with clear instruction as to our proper place in other women’s lives. We have a wonderful biblical mandate for such relationships. God’s Word promises every Christian woman strength, direction, and support; not only for herself, but for those she wants to help.

Why do you think God wants women to reach out to women? Well, for one thing, we can do it better than anyone else. Only a woman can really understand how another woman feels. And only a woman can follow up properly. It’s easy for us to call each other and ask, “How did the talk with your husband go yesterday?” “Are you feeling better?” “Why don’t you come over for coffee? We can talk a little more and pray together.” This type of loving concern and practical advice often will defuse conflicts before they reach a crisis stage that threatens the marriage or requires long-term professional counseling. We have to be ready to be open, honest, and vulnerable. The women we share our lives with have to see that we understand because we’ve “been there.” Women helping women; women understanding women; women having a great deal of influence in the lives of others.

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