Our Mission Statement

The Calvary Baptist Church of Harrison, AR is an Independent Bible Baptist Church.  Our purpose is to carry out the Great Commission which Jesus Christ gave to the Church.  To win the unsaved by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To administer the ordinances of the Church.  To teach the Scripture for the purpose of building Christian character and edifying the local Church.

Our Sunday School Mission Statement

As Calvary Baptist Church staff, Sunday School teachers and workers, we hereby accept the responsibility as led by our Lord and Savior to instruct and equip others in His Word.  In order to better outline that goal and means to attain it, the following guidelines are established:

  1. We will rely upon and acknowledge the authority of the Holy Scriptures, King James Version and endeavor to stay true to the Word of God in all that will be taught.
  2. We will teach with a goal to affirm that the Word of God is “alive” and to impart that life and excitement to those who hear it.  To that goal, we will attempt to keep presentations “fresh” by changing methods of presentation, physical settings and making any other adjustments necessary.
  3. We will teach with a goal of increasing the comprehension, retention and personal life application of God’s Word.
  4. We will teach with a goal to demonstrate the personal nature of God’s Word to each person by attempting to get them individually and actively involved in the learning process.
  5. We will teach with the understanding that a major goal is to disciple, train and equip all attendees to become stronger and more mature in their faith as well as being able to demonstrate Christian character in their lives.
  6. As teachers, we realize the importance of proper preparation and all will endeavor to be in the classroom on time, prepared with all appropriate materials and ready to teach at all appointed dates/times.  Additionally, should teachers be unable to be present for any reason, arrangements will be made for a replacement teacher as early as possible so that a substitute teacher may also be prepared and ready to teach.
  7. As teachers and staff of CBC, we realize that our ultimate goal is to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do and will particularly strive to do that in all teaching sessions.  Additionally, as part of that process, we will attempt to ensure that all attendees have ample opportunities to receive Jesus as their personal Savior and will be prepared to lead them through that process.